Our Program

A little bit about us

Fully Licensed Private Vocational School
Serving Washington State & helping create Dental Assistants with OVER 20 YEARS OF PROVEN SUCCESS!

We offer our course four times a year; in January, April, June and September. Our hours are from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m., with a half-hour lunch break and two 10-minute breaks. The following subjects are covered in depth from both a didactic and a practical clinical experience. The morning lecture is followed by an afternoon of clinical “hands-on training” in dental procedures, operation of equipment, instrumentation and materials used. Upon graduation you will be a registered Dental Assistant in the state of Washington!

  • Dental Theory and Terminology
  • Proper Sterilization Techniques
  • Treatment Room Preparation
  • Chair Side Dental Assisting In Onsite Clinic On Actual Patients
  • Radiology including Digital X rays
  • Job Interview & Resume Assistance
  • Fabrication of Bleach Trays
  • Fabrication of Temporary Crowns
  • Ordering Supplies and Maintaining Equipment
  • Exam and Periodontal Charting
  • Coronal Polishing
  • Mixing of Cements and Liners
  • Rubber Dam Placement
  • Alginate Impressions
  • Pouring and Trimming Models
  • Anesthetic Preparation
  • Dentrix Dental Software
  • Our Dental Assistant course is designed to give the student maximum “hands-on” training and experience in an actual dental office with an additional large classroom using mannequins, each other (for live feedback) and real patients. The teaching is stimulating, fast paced, and relies heavily on individual participation. There will be three instructors per group of twelve students. This insures personal attention and a worthwhile learning experience. A syllabus containing notes on lecture material as well as an excellent textbook and handouts are provided so as to heighten the classroom experience and eliminate the fatigue of a lot of note taking.

    A career of helping people improve their dental health will be rewarding and enormously satisfying for you. No two days will ever be the same and your job will renew itself. It is a career that will always be in demand and in need of capable, trained and caring Dental Assistants. Becoming a Dental Assistant can be the first step on a career path leading to a Dental Hygienist or a Dentist!

    These opportunities may include a private dental office, group practices, health organizations and public clinics. While no one can guarantee job placement, the dental profession is currently facing a shortage of trained dental assistants. Following your training you will have the confidence and the skills necessary to apply for these positions and we give you the training to hit the ground running with the best chance at success! We really do strive to have a very professional, but fun and education training environment and our previous student’s success proves it.

    Begin your new career today & thank you for your interest in our course. We look forward to seeing you in our next class!